“Let’s Chuck Consumerism!” Workshop

Saturday, 21st July, 2018 (08:30-15:30)
St Francis Parish Parkview

In today’s world, we are becoming more and more entrapped in a consumeristic society.  The concern is not materialism, strictly speaking, or even the consumption of goods – as contingent beings, we must consume resources to survive.  Perhaps the problem is not consuming to live, but rather living to consume ……

We consume in an attempt to define who we are and our “desire to acquire” has led to shopping fast becoming our number one leisure activity – which leaves room for little else – including God, the Gospel, and the Church.

But the problem doesn’t end there!  As well as obvious social and economic problems, consumerism is destroying our environment at a rapid rate. As the demand for goods increases, the need to produce these goods also increases. This leads to more pollution, increased land-use, habitat destruction, deforestation, accelerated climate change and loss of biodiversity and of course the plundering the finite supply of natural resources!

To this end, JAEI is presenting a workshop for Youth (16-25) to explore this very challenging topic and we invite the Youth of our Diocese to participate.

For more information and bookings, contact Noeleen –


Eco-Spirituality Retreat

20 to 24 September 2018  at Pullen Nature Reserve
( near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga)

This retreat is designed to sensitize participants to some of the issues around Ecospirituality.  The topics include:

  • Seeing the World differently
  • Interconnectedness
  • Human impacts
  • Historical Contributors
  • Environment as a Spiritual Pathway
  • Eucharist – Mountain Sunday
  • – and an opportunity to share

The retreat will include talks, walks, reflections and the Offices. It will not be a silent retreat, although the venue is very peaceful. The Retreat will be led by Rev Kevin Balkwill and Rev Tim Gray.  Pullen Nature Reserve, in the Krokodilpoortberge, is owned by the University of the Witwatersrand and is fenced into a 1000 ha game estate.  Rooms are comfortable and basic, with two to four beds. Food will be provided by AggyShadow Caterers.

Participants should arrive on the evening of Thursday 20 September (preferably in the light) and supper will be provided.  The programme will end just before lunch on Monday 24 September (a public holiday).

Costs : R2800 per person singly in a room, excluding transport. R 2600 per person sharing (you must specify who you will share with and they must have agreed to do so).  You need to organise your own transport, but JAEI will subsidise transport at R 350 for all attendees and we encourage you to share transport where-ever possible.  The subsidy will take effect as a discount on the costs, so it is R2450 for those in single rooms and R2250 for those sharing a room.

Travel : It will take about five and a half hours to travel to Pullen Nature Reserve (it is about 400 km from Johannesburg). You will need a vehicle with reasonable clearance for the last 5 km of the journey.

Please bring : bedding, towel, toiletries, comfortable clothes, insect repellent, bathing costume if you would like to swim in the reservoir, walking shoes or hiking boots, hat, sunglasses, sun blockout, Bible, Prayer Book, notebook, pen, coloured crayons etc. if you would like to be creative, binoculars, field guides (bird book, tree book – if you have them), torch.

Enquiries : Kevin Balkwill: – – 072-417-6813
(Application form, Indemnity and  directions will be provided on application)



Report back from JAEI Eco Breakfast – 21 October 2017

A morning of great fellowship, great food and great speaker made JAEI’s Eco-breakfast a fantastic event!

It was JAEI’s privilege to welcome CEO of BirdLife South Africa, Mark Anderson. As out Guest Speaker.  Mark’s presentation and address was not only informative, but thoroughly enjoyed by the more than 40 people in attendance.

Mark spoke about the successes in bird conservation, as well as the challenges that are faced by our feathered friends.  The successes gave us hope, but the challenges must spur everyone on to new heights in our quest for stewardship of God’s awesome Creation.

If you want to know more about BirdLifeSA – what they do, and how YOU can become involved, visit them at

Also – don’t forget that 25th November is Big Birding Day – so get out and become involved!

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