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A quote from Archbishop Thabo

“That there is life on this planet is a miracle in itself. It is the most serious of sins that we humans are threatening this life. For too long we have selfishly misused and abused God’s mandate to “have dominion over” creation (Genesis 1:28). Now is the time to recognize that we have a responsibility to God to care for this intricate web of life, acknowledging that “The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it” (Psalm 24).

Guided by our Diocesan vision, we commend all parishes and Diocesan organisations to pursue responsible environmental management through:

  • Visionary servant leadership from within the parish or organisation
  • Developing a vibrant community who are committed to a sustainable environment
  • Focused partnerships with nearby communities where possible
  • Environmental management activities should focus on:
    •  Compliance with applicable legislation
    • Reducing the ecological footprint of the parish or organisation
    • Enhancing the environmental knowledge of our members
    • Meeting sound environmental practices as far as possible
    • Encouraging our members to do the same at home, in their communities and their places of work.
    • Integrating environmental awareness into our worship and other group activities
    • Evaluating our performance regularly and improving this where possible
    • Maintaining active membership of the Johannesburg Anglican Environmental Initiative (JAEI)
    • Partnering with nearby communities to combine resources and address environmental issues

Application of this policy is an important legacy for future generations.

Further policy statements and related guidelines may be issued from time-to-time on specific environmental issues

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December 2009


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