Sunday School


This manual has been developed by the Environmental Network of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa with the support of SAFCEI and WWFSA to provide a resource for Sundays Schools for children aged 5-12. Some of the activities can also be used with older or younger children. It is a resource under development so we would appreciate feedback Ryan the Rhino SS material 2014and comments!
There are four sections, Sky & Light, Land & Plants, Oceans & Rivers and finally Animals & Humans. The first lesson is introductory and tells the whole story of creation. Then in each section we first of all focus on the fact that God created all things and they were good. Next we look at what we as humans have done to damage God’s world and then we look at some steps we can take to make a difference.

Down load the material  Ryan the Rhino SS Material


Season of Creation 2015






Season of Creation 2016  

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