Terms of Reference


  1. Name of the organization:      The Johannesburg Anglican Environmental Initiative (JAEI)
  1. Mission:   The JAEI is an organization within the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg and is represented on the Anglican Church of Southern African Environmental Network.

The JAEI mission is to raise environmental awareness among the parishes of the diocese of Johannesburg and to assist parishes to address the environmental challenges of the region.  The JAEI believes it is God’s will that we look after this precious planet we call home and that we have an ethical and moral responsibility to work towards sustainability and social justice in relation to creation.  To fulfill this mission JAEI maintains portfolios in eco spirituality, eco theology and has established an eco congregation programme as its core work.

  1. Compliance with Canons and Diocesan rules:     As a formal body of the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg the JAEI complies with the Canons and rules governing the diocese. 
  1. Membership:  As a servant organization of the Diocese of Johannesburg the JAEI does not enlist membership. The Eco Congregation programme requires specific certification on the basis of encouraging specific environmental standards.
  1. Coordinating committee or Executive:    The JAEI consists of a Steering Group with several portfolios, including Eco-congregation , Eco-theology and Ethics, Eco-breakfast, and Spirituality and Liturgy portfolios. From time to time associate and permanent members representing various fields of expertise and experience in environmental matters serve on the steering committee in a consultative capacity.
    1. Minimum and maximum number of members: There is no stipulated number of steering group members.
    2. Qualification for appointment: Members are drawn from parishes within the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg. A requirement is an interest in and commitment to creation care.
    3. How appointed:  Members are approved and appointed by a simple majority of the steering group.
    4. Length of appointment:  indefinite at this stage
    5. Election of Chairperson:  The Steering Group elects a Chairperson at the first meeting after the AGM
    6. Frequency of meetings:       i.     The JAEI Steering Group meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 6 pm.   ii.     There is an Annual General Meeting held within 2 months of the December year end.
    7. Keeping of minutes of meetings:   The minutes of meetings are recorded and circulated by an appointed meeting secretary.
  2. Basis of funding:    JAEI is self-funding. There is no formal funding of JAEI by the Diocese.  Funding is through eco breakfast donations, ad hoc donations and specific project fund-raising.
  3. Books of account and auditing thereof:   Books of account are maintained by a nominated steering committee member. JAEI funds are kept in the Diocesan Deposit Fund. Annual Financial Statements are prepared and reported on by an Independent Verifier appointed by the Diocese. 
  4. Diocesan representation/oversight:   The Chairperson is deemed to be the Bishop’s representative. The Bishop has the prerogative to appoint his\her own representative to the committee. 
  5. Reporting to the Diocese:  The JAEI submits a formal report on activities to each AGM and to Diocesan Synod.
  6. Changes to these terms of reference:  Changes to the terms of reference are made with approval of the AGM and thereafter by the Diocesan Trustees.

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